The Dethleffs Globevan is the first in a new generation of electrically powered motorhomes. Its e.Hybrid drive combines locally emission-free driving with a range suitable for travel. Thanks to its compact dimensions and convenient features, the vehicle is suitable for daily use and adventures all in one. Whether you’re doing an outdoor activity or going on a weekend trip or holiday on the road, the Globevan offers you all the freedom you need.

The first motorhome suitable for series production with the
Ford e.Hybrid drive.

Basic vehicle

  • Driver and passenger airbags
  • ABS, EBD, ESP, TCS, Hill Start Assist
  • Cruise control
  • Side Wind Stabilisation
  • Park Pilot system front and rear
  • Radio, 4″ multifunctional display and DAB/DAB+
  • Anti-theft alarm system, incl. central locking
  • Air-conditioning at the front incl. dust and pollen filter
  • Electric auxiliary heater
  • Leather steering wheel, adjustable height and reach
  • Heated driver and front passenger seat, lumbar support and armrests
  • Sight package 1 (heated windscreen, washer fluid level sensor)
  • Tailgate with heated rear window
  • Thermal insulated glass with tinting from the second row
  • Exterior mirrors that can be heated and set electrically
  • LED daytime running lights with fog lights and cornering lights
  • Front bumper partially painted in same colour as vehicle
  • Wheel trims
  • Speed limiter, 120 km/h
  • Practical trays and drink holders throughout the vehicle
  • Right sliding door

With the power of two energy sources.

The Globevan e.Hybrid is powered by an electric engine that feeds a 13.6 kWh battery with energy. This enables an all-electric, and therefore emission-free, range of up to 50 km. In order to keep the vehicle in motion during the journey, an energy-efficient 1.0 l EcoBoost petrol engine acts as a range extender and continuously charges the battery while on the road. The combination of the electric and combustion engines reaches 355 Nm torque and 92 kW (126 HP) power.

The battery can also be charged using an external power source. It takes 3 hours to charge (to 100%) at rapid charging stations or 5.5 hours from household plug sockets.

Charging connector

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1.0 litre EcoBoost engine

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Electric engine

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High-voltage cable

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Fuel tank

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  • Kitchen with two-ring gas stove with Piezo ignition, sink and separate glass lids
  • Built-in compressor cool box (optional)
  • Large storage space under the kitchen with 2 practical doors
  • Practical rails on the kitchen unit for the hanging table as well as practical Dethleffs Original parts & accessories such as hooks
  • Large storage space at the rear with 2 doors
  • Practical overhead locker installed laterally above the seats
  • Insulated sandwich panels with PVC coating
  • Driver and front passenger seats with swivel function
  • Smoothly adjustable row of seats for 2 people with integrated 3-point seat belts, can be folded out as a (day)bed
  • Panoramic pop top roof in white, incl. easy sleep system and high-quality cold foam mattress
  • Gooseneck lights in the pop top roof incl. USB connection (optional)
  • LED plinth lighting
  • LED tube lights on the roof, each with separate switches

You can’t spell ‘easy’ without ‘e’

The Ford e.Hybrid drive in the Dethleffs Globevan combines locally emission-free driving with a range suitable for travelling. The drive is all-electric. The economical 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine is used solely as a range extender: It charges the high-voltage lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery while the vehicle is in motion. There is a choice of four electric drive modes for efficient driving in all situations.

Plug-in hybrid (PHEV)

Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) can be charged via an external power source. The larger capacity (13.6 kWh) of the liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery enables purely electrically powered driving for up to 50 km without generating local emissions (model dependent).

Plug-in hybrid vehicles enable emission-free driving locally, without the driver having to worry about the range. In an ideal situation, plug-in hybrid vehicles would be regularly charged using a source of electricity. This can be done at a charging point when on the road or using a wallbox or a conventional plug socket at home or at work.

To ensure mobility at all times, the award-winning 1.0 l EcoBoost petrol engine acts as a range extender and supplies the electric engine with electricity on the road as required. This is necessary as the wheels are solely powered by the electric engine.

The combination of the electric and combustion engine reaches 355 Nm torque and 92 kW (126 HP) power in the Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid and Ford Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid.

In order to be as efficient as possible to drive, the Ford Transit Custom and Ford Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid feature four electric drive modes, enabling the driver to decide which energy source to use based on their situation:

  • EV Auto (standard mode): The vehicle autonomously decides whether to use the combustion engine to charge the battery
  • EV Now: The vehicle can be driven on electric power alone, without the use of the combustion engine.
  • EV Later: The vehicle maintains the current battery level.
  • EV Charge: The vehicle is powered using the range extender until the battery is 70% charged
Basic chassis Ford Transit Custom Kombi Trend PHEV
Length 497 cm
Width without mirrors 198 cm
Height 209 cm
Standing height in the vehicle 139 cm
Standing height in the vehicle when the pop top roof is open 244 cm (B-Säule)
185 cm (C-Säule)
Permitted total weight 3240 kg
Mass in running order 2830 kg
Power, electricity/petrol combined 355 Nm, 92 kW (126 PS)
Battery capacity 13,6 kWh
Range extender engine 1.0 l EcoBoost petrol engine
Seats 4
Sleeps 4
Bed dimensions, bench seat/bed, LxW 190 x 90 cm
Bed dimensions, pop top roof, LxW 190 x 110 cm
Gas bottle volume 2,8 kg
Capacity of the battery in the fitted-out vehicle 95 Ah
Pop top roof painted in the same colour as the vehicle
Compressor cool box, 16l, built-in
Gooseneck lights with USB connection in the pop top roof
Parking heater with hot-air fan

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